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The purchase price of paper mill waste paper is reproduced three times a day.

2018-01-12 16:29:46 Zhejiang Rongfeng Paper Co.,Ltd Read

On December 14th, the last month of 2017 is nearly half. On the 13th, the largest rain and snow weather in China's central and eastern regions began in the last month. Snow fell in 11 provinces, including shaanxi, shanxi, hebei, henan and shandong, on the 14th, while most areas in the south were covered with rain and cold.

After half a month's rebound, the price of waste paper has suddenly plunged. East China, south China, north China region paper factory price has fallen, in zhejiang, shandong, jiangsu, guangdong, hebei there were even three day two reduction, although at present the highest cumulative drop is only 200 yuan, but also let people can not help but think of slump in late October the tide.

In addition, 15 affected by a new round of cold air, most of Middle East will have cool wind, 4-8 ℃ average temperature and liaoning, jilin and other local drop 10 ℃, accompanied by 4 to 6 class wind.

In bad weather conditions, the 14th afternoon, will be fully stop waste paper papermaking enterprise acquisitions, surrounding the highway in a closed state, also part of the delivery driver only braved the rain and snow waiting outside the factory, for their part, the cold weather and a decline in the price, is doomed to be a rough day.

It is hoped that the paper enterprises can make reasonable arrangements for the acquisition at this time, and can take more humane measures to tide over the difficulties with the upstream enterprises and welcome the New Year with win-win cooperation.

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