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The import policy of waste paper is coming soon. The standard is expected to be relaxed.

2018-01-12 16:30:22 Zhejiang Rongfeng Paper Co.,Ltd Read

From November 7 to 8, at the RISI international waste paper and corrugated box board meeting, nearly 200 guests from home and abroad discussed the utilization of waste paper.

The adjustment of waste paper import policy starting in May 2017 has become the most heated topic in the meeting. When will the policy be officially announced? What's the new adjustment? How to deal with foreign waste importing enterprises? RISI invited guests from home and abroad to discuss it.

Secretary general of the China association of renewable resources recycling waste paper branch Tang Yanju lady said: import policy will be issued soon, according to her understanding of information, whether it is impurity rate (now 0.5%) released, or imported threshold (annual output of 300000 tons), did not form finalized, specific standard or a government official. At present, the government is also soliciting opinions from all over the world. It is hoped that the foreign suppliers, paper mills and relevant institutions can provide reasonable basis for the proposal.

What impact will it have on the enterprise? Dan from CellMark companies Cotter said, whether 0.5% or 1%, to the recycling enterprise is hard to do, for the beauty of the United States market waste, especially mixed waste paper, need a new market.

The waste recycling companies on behalf of Vecycle Limited general manager Chen Dan also expressed the same view, they are tested in Europe, 1% of the standard could do it, 0.5% is almost can't do, they use the highest quality level of the supermarket OCC to do sorting, to reach 0.7% or so, and tons of paper costs to improve a lot.

The external waste recycling companies are generally concerned about the future political risks. Once the new policies are strictly implemented, the probability of a return will be greatly increased. Some companies have already said that the volume of business exports to China will be reduced next year, even if it is halved.

Against the "complaint" from waste recycling businesses, don secretary-general said: in order to hills and green, in order to protect the lives of Chinese people's safe, comfortable environment, the Chinese government has invested a lot in the field of domestic garbage classification of financial, human and material resources, also has obtained the very good effect, so the rational classification of requires other countries to the domestic garbage, put resources export to China's request is reasonable, we hope you can understand and cooperate with

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