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Wrapping paper: the situation behind the final crazy price increase at the end of the year.

2018-01-12 16:28:57 Zhejiang Rongfeng Paper Co.,Ltd Read

After falling prices in November, nine dragons took the lead in launching a tentative price hike in the industry on November 30. In just three days, all contracts were cancelled and prices continued to rise. As of December 12, the price of corrugated paper 120g in the market was 4500- 4,600 yuan/ton, and the acceptance price of the lowest price of 3,200 yuan/ton was strongly raised, and the price difference of 1000 yuan/ton appeared.

At the moment, it is late in the paper season, while the second grade paperboard plant and the third-grade paper box factory are in the state of continuous price increase. The main reason is the issue of the amount of waste paper imported into the end of the year, which leads to the rise in the price of waste paper. The price increased from 1,750 yuan/ton to 2,450 yuan/ton, and the whole country was booming. At the same time, the inventory of the secondary factory is still low, basically staying at about 25 days, except for the usage of 3-5 days, the inventory is only about 20 days, which is far lower than the normal storage capacity of 30 days.

The paper factory suffers from no raw material, while the price rises, the end of the end of the madness; The order of the second grade cardboard factory is full but delayed to deliver the goods, and can only be passed on the cost; The cardboard factory has gone up for three days, and the three-level carton factory is crying. It has already imported the January order in advance.

How to survive in a rapidly changing, complex market environment is a mystery.

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