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In 2017, the production of newsprint in China is expected to decrease by 16.7% year on year.

2018-01-12 16:28:37 Zhejiang Rongfeng Paper Co.,Ltd Read

In 2017, the total output of newsprint in China is about 1.5 million tons, which is down by 300,000 tons from 2016, and the decline is 16.7%. Due to the tight supply of newsprint in China, the import volume is much higher than that of 2016. On the demand side, as the decline of newspaper advertising business and circulation decline, the newspaper appeared to reduce, shrink and reduce the situation, resulting in the decline of newsprint purchases. According to statistics, of the 107 newspapers in the country with large paper consumption, there are 26 more paper consumption in 2017 than in 2016, with a ratio of 24.3%. There were 72 fewer, 67.3 percent. Nine were flat, at 8.4%.

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