Punch equipment

Perforating equipment: from the United States SYNRAD company HGL - T100-2 type double-position tipping paper laser punching machine, USES is rf excited CO2 laser generator, by the strength of the laser beam, beam pulse or impact frequency to control the size and distribution of empty eyes. The microcomputer processor can adjust the pore size, hole position, pore size and breathability according to the requirements, and each device can carry out double-plate 8 row drilling operation at the same time, and the speed can reach 400M/min. tipping paper laser technology in the aspect of reducing tar and nicotine content played a key role, and with the other tipping paper punching technology of superior performance, such as: perforation rules, no coking phenomenon, porosity and pore density adjustable range wider than other technology, low porosity variation coefficient, hole formed by punching with a narrow, can effectively reduce leakage of adhesive, give YanZhi volume by motor to be more smooth.




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